Delight kids Center, John David Arnold Academy for Success is the educational affiliate of S-DELI. Established in 2004 by Ezinne and Emma Asonye and run by Ezinne Emma-Asonye as the Proprietress, DKC has earned the record of one of the best private local schools in the neighborhood. DKC runs with the vision of “Developing the Nigerian Rural Child through a Quality Education”, thereby raising professors from the cradle. Our motto, “Power to Soar” is created on the ideology that education empowers every individual to soar to any height – as high as their dreams can go.

JDA Academy for Success, which started in 2004 with only about seven pupils currently maintains a population of between 150 to 200 pupils for the past four years and runs primary session, nursery and prenursery session and Daycare. It has equally graduated hundreds of students since its first graduation ceremony in 2005. The administrative structure of the school is made up of a team of dedicated Board members, led by Dr. Emma Asonye as the Board Chair, the PTA, led by Deacon Abel and a team of committed staff headed by Mrs. Regina Agu.

With DKC’s affiliation to S-DELI since 2014, the institution has set in motion the process of an inclusion program in the next academic session. If the plans work as planned, DKC will become the first private Deaf-Hearing Inclusive School in Imo State if not in Nigeria at large. The inclusive program is set to be achieved in stages, the first stage being the training and retraining of eligible instructors in Early Intervention Program and Deaf Education, while the second stage is the admission of Deaf students from ages 3 to 6. This program is aimed at involving hearing parents and families of Deaf children in its activities.

Our assessment of this program indicates that it is capital intensive as it is going to involve an exchange training program with our US partners who are experts in Early Intervention Program and Deaf Ed. As a result, this program is earnestly calling for funding and collaboration. We have acquired the structure and the team of volunteers and hired workers. We also have the community audience, and we believe, with adequate funding, the program will be a success. If you are interested in collaborating with us in this program as an individual or corporate body, please contact us.