Let’s Discuss the Deaf and the Nigerian Sign Language

For the past 3 years, I have been studying Deaf communities in Nigeria and their linguistic heritage. I have developed articles that were published in journals, presented in academic conferences and seminars, delivered lectures in multiples institutions. However, I feel that the impact of my study will not be maximized if it revolves only within the academic environment, as it is focused on the issues that concern the society at large. My study is focused on the development of the most vulnerable group in African society – the Deaf, touching their linguistic behavior, communication, education, healthcare, entire welfare, and lifestyle. With the collaborative efforts of my strong team – Team S-DELI/GMF, we have been studying the Deaf in Nigeria across many communities, documenting their language and demography, we also draw inference from other deaf communities known to us.  I will be sharing with you on our platforms some of the results and ongoing arguments of our study in two new series I tagged “Let’s Discuss Nigerian Sign Language”, and “Let’s Discuss Nigerian Deaf Community.” I will appreciate your informed input, arguments, and counter arguments. The aim is for us to inform the larger society aright on the issues bothering the most vulnerable group in our midst and to bring those issues to limelight towards raising lasting solutions.